Friday, April 24, 2009

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Guide to Best Books For Men

I've combined some of the best books for men into a quick and easy guide to help to you find the right book for males of any mindset, that loves or needs to read.

What I've come up with or some titles that guys like and books every man should have in his personal library to consult when needed. If you need more help in choosing the right book check out this handy guide on which subjects men like read about.

This list of books for single men comes straight from the search results pages. It's been so long since I've been single I can't remember what books really influenced me the most.

Books 4 Single Men

List Of Books For Men

Books 4 Retired Men

According to a recent AARP Survey, about half of baby boomers are on track to a comfortable retirement, substantial numbers are not. Regardless to which category you fall into, if you want to make the the rest of your life the best of your life then grab one of these good books for retired men to read.

Books 4 Divorced Men

Divorce doesn't have to men a loss of all that you hold dear. I should know, having been divorced several times. I hand picked these books for divorced men, who are experiencing this unexpected twist in their lives.

Books 4 Shy Men

Are you are tired of feeling like people treat you like a worn out shoe. Let me offer some insight into flipping that script. But before you put your foot down Mr. nice guy I recommend you read a one or two of the books on this list of books for shy men.

This site is part of a blog family that covers books about a variety subjects If you like the selections that you found here then try one of the other blog that deal with
books by Houston writers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A List Of Books For Married Men

One subject I've learned enough about to qualify for expert status is books for married men. I say that for three reasons.

1.I've been married several times.
2.I've tried the counseling sessions.
3.I've indulged in a many make up sessions.
4.I don't advocate shacking up.

To quote one of my favorite uncles, If I get the chance I'd get married a few more times.

Books on married life rarely help the Al Bundy's in the world. They can offer sound and credible suggestions for men that are open-minded and actually want to achieve martial bliss.

Be sure to check the table of content. A lot of titles sound interesting, then after a few pages in, you find that you're reading fiction. The best reads for a husband/boyfriends are often not from the researchers, but from the personal experiences of other couples and people who've gone through similar challenges in their relationships.

I suggest any married man indulge in a good book instead of seeking the advice from friends and talk show host. Most of what you'll get from them seems to always be either too much, too little or too late.

Go ahead and here is a few to check out.

The Secrets of Happily Married Men
Married Men
So You Call Yourself a Man
The Married Man

If none of these works speak to you and your current situation, then try some of the others that on my list of books 4 married men below.

More Books For Married Men

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

List Of Best Sellers

Most of people who are avid readers develop a penchant for reading their way through the books on the best sellers list as often as possible. If you are a new reader or just trying to find a book for someone else, then this list is the starting point to launch your search for the ideal book to give as a gift.

Here are the top five on my personal list, and a few more books from the best seller list that you can screen.
The Cats of Kittyville: New Lives for Rescued Felines
The Power of Positive Thinking
The Time Travelers Academy (The Time Travelers Academy Series 1 of 6)
More Best Selling Books List

Books For African American Men

Books For Black Men
Getting young African American males to read is a challenge that would make superman reluctant to step up to plate and take a swing at.But one that should not be taken for granted.

It can be done. If you're looking for some titles for a black men or a black teenage male, I highly recommend that you read "Motivating African American Teenage Boys To Read" by Alfred W. Tatum, Northern Illinois University. Then help him choose a book from this list of books for African American men that relates to his personal experiences.

Books 4 African American Men

Books For Hispanic Men

Hispanic Books For Men

More Books For Hispanic Men

Why You Crying?

We all know a machista who could benefit from this list of books for Hispanic men. It time he started getting his relationship information from books instead of the captions in girly magazines.

Repair Manuals For Men

Repair Manuals

Guide to Home Repair

There is a handyman/women in every household. This book list is designed to help them fix some of that clutter sitting in our garages collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

More Repair Manuals 4 Men

Books For Guys

Guy Stuff 4 Men

There are some things that you just have to come out and tell a guy sometimes. It's deeper than, just men are from mars. If the man in your life won't ask for directions then give him one of these books, before your next trip.

Try these books are check out the top link for even more cool guy stuff.

Guy Stuff: Or It's Ok to Ask for Directions

Stuff Guys Need To Know: How to Do Just About Everything

The Lost Lore of a Man's Life: Lots of Cool Stuff Guys Used to Know But Forgot About the Great Outdoors

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sports Books For Men

Book on Golf

Sports Books 4 Men

Bragging rights are one of the simple pleasures that men enjoy. This list of sports books 4 men will help keep him from getting the truth twisted and about his favorite sports.

The Men's Health Gym Bible

Getting Stronger: Weight Training for Men and Women (Revised Edition)

Nascar's Greatest Drivers (Step into Reading)

Sports Illustrated Superbowl XLIII Commemorative Pittsburgh Steelers, 2009

Golf Rules Illustrated Effective Through 2011

Books For Christian Men

Christian Men Books

The Gospel of Good Success

These books are a few of the ones that can make an impact on a man's life. This list of books for Christian men was selected for those who are interested in exploring their faith, learning more about Christianity or the Holy Bible.

Twelve Ordinary Men

What a Difference a Daddy Makes

Why Most Black Men Don't Go to Church
Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance

Why Men Hate Going to Church

The Power of a Praying® Husband

More Christian Books For Men

Books Men Are Reading

We have our share of men who review books on the net and rather than duplicate thier efforts I'll give you the 411 on what many of them are reading and loving or trashing on the web.

Here is a gem of a book that will get most men's creative juices flowing. If you would like to have a idea or two or three that people remember long after you've parted company with them, this book is for you.

Here'a list of more books for men who value Strunk and White as an essential tool.

Get Out of Your Own Way at Work

Live Your Dreams

The Gospel of Good Success

There is a book list in the sidebar that I'll be chomping through in the next few weeks. I'll break them down into the individual offering so that you can see some of the books for men, that guys are reading.