Thursday, April 23, 2009

A List Of Books For Married Men

One subject I've learned enough about to qualify for expert status is books for married men. I say that for three reasons.

1.I've been married several times.
2.I've tried the counseling sessions.
3.I've indulged in a many make up sessions.
4.I don't advocate shacking up.

To quote one of my favorite uncles, If I get the chance I'd get married a few more times.

Books on married life rarely help the Al Bundy's in the world. They can offer sound and credible suggestions for men that are open-minded and actually want to achieve martial bliss.

Be sure to check the table of content. A lot of titles sound interesting, then after a few pages in, you find that you're reading fiction. The best reads for a husband/boyfriends are often not from the researchers, but from the personal experiences of other couples and people who've gone through similar challenges in their relationships.

I suggest any married man indulge in a good book instead of seeking the advice from friends and talk show host. Most of what you'll get from them seems to always be either too much, too little or too late.

Go ahead and here is a few to check out.

The Secrets of Happily Married Men
Married Men
So You Call Yourself a Man
The Married Man

If none of these works speak to you and your current situation, then try some of the others that on my list of books 4 married men below.

More Books For Married Men

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