Sunday, May 24, 2009

Good Books For Men

One of the good books for men is, "THE THIRD CHAPTER: PASSION, RISK, AND ADVENTURE IN THE 25 YEARS AFTER 50." Written by Dr. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, the book officially documents leading edge changes in American lifestyles and raises our awareness about paying back and giving forward, loss and liberation, prevalent themes in The Third Chapter.

What Men Are Reading

The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk, and Adventure in the 25 Years After 50

I value Bill Moyers's literary opinion and any book that has him turning the pages, has to be considered amongst the good books men are reading.

The ties that bind each of the stories together are loose, and free flowing like the jazz improvisations, that are favored by one of the male characters in the treatise, a former newspaper excursive turned musician.

Life After 50.

Dr. Lawrence offers a fresh poignant perspective of how our cohorts thrive after 50 years, (of maturity and former careers) the third chapter of our lifecycle. You'll feel and share the intensity of each character's stage in life, as they are impacted by loss, change and the deepening of their soul.

Feeling “neither young nor old,” is a common bond between the current members of the over-50, under 75 generation. Freed from being mistakenly labeled experiencing midlife crisis, men and women in their third chapter, challenge the establishment's, cultural mores of strength, power, and sexiness.

About Dr. Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Lawrence, the author of nine books, is an African American sociologist who examines the relationships between culture and learning styles. She has researched and written about the culture of schools, illuminating with her unique style the dynamics involving the patterns and structures in classrooms.

You can view more Books by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
on Amazon. I highly recommend for your viewing pleasure, that you watch the 1988 video archive of Dr. Lightfoot's enlightening discourse on schools with Bill Moyers.

If you take a plunge into this title, leave me a comment on whether you agree or disagree that The Third Chapter is indeed worthy to be included as one of the good books for men.

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