Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Business Books For Men

There are few things than can compare with business books, for men who are looking for fresh ideas, inspirations and insight. You can forget about finding an all-in-one book, it requires a 360 degree view, covering every angle, to stay on top of the game.

If for any reason there is nothing on this list of books for men that can address the issues that you encounter in your day to day experiences, I have a few other list that you can dive into.

Take a look at these books. Between the seven of them, they've harnessed all of the best-practices for running a business. They belong in the library of any serious entrepreneur, Christian businessman or freelance consultant to thumb through at will, to give that added boost your creative juices.

21 Great Ways to Manage Your Time and Double Your Productivity

This Brian Tracy best seller shares sound advice on how to get more done in less time. It will become you personal instruction manual. You'll learn how to knock out each detail of your projects in no-time flat.

What were the keys to the success for some of America's brightest achievers, Gladwell dug into their background, researched the facts and provides clues to how you can find the keys to your success.

The Heath brothers, not the notable musicians, but Chip and Dan a pair of authors, have created the ultimate virtual text of how you can infuse your ideas and products with the right stuff, so they'll stick like glue.

This sequel to the 1967 best seller will enlighten you to ten simple, reasonable "Vows of Success." Mandino books are not just good reads, but even better if you apply them and to your life-experience.

Covey relates his tremendous message in way that's easy to read and can potentially have a powerful impact on your future. Everything in this book, if used as a guideline in your personal life, can empower you with the highly effective habits we all need.

Insider tips from a former banker and entrepreneur. If you want to turn your big idea into a business, this is the book for you? It can be as easy as, plan your work and work your plan.

This marketing classic has benefited untold masses of sales/marketing professionals and launched a legion of guerrilla marketers upon the universe. This book is on my list and one of the all-time best business books for men.

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