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Alone With A Jihadist :Blog Tour

Meet Aaron D. Taylor, author of Alone with a Jihadist

Aaron D. Taylor was raised in a Midwestern charismatic church with the belief that Christians had a duty to take up arms in defense of their government and the ideals of freedom. He supported our actions in Iraq and asserted that only one political party was the appropriate home for true believers of God. After a meeting in London with Khalid, a militant Jihadist, Taylor came away with a deep questioning of the ideals that, up to that moment, formed a cornerstone for his theology. In Alone with a Jihadist, Aaron Taylor shares his personal revelation that Christians are not to be supporters of military or other violent solutions to the world’s problems.


Alone With A Jihadist is not just another book about Islamic-Christian relations. It is far more than that. This book may very well be the solution to end all religious/quasi-political warfare.While many fundamentalist/evangelicals tend to ascribe to a Zionist theology, which believes that it is good to be at war with anyone who opposes the Christian right, to expedite the glorious return of the Messiah, there is one crusader, Aaron Taylor, who believes otherwise.Taylor believes that the church has sadly missed the most pronounced message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace.

The very Bible, which Christians read, refers to their founder as The Prince of Peace. Despite this, many Christians support warmongering and unnecessary bloodshed rather than peacemaking. In a room for seven hours with a radical Muslim,Taylor shares the story from his face-to-face encounter, of how Islamic people view the United States of America, our present Administration, and the state of the Christian Church. It is one thing to look at Christianity from a Christians’ perspective, which is typically an altruistic viewpoint, but things change quite a bit when Christianity is viewed through the eyes of Muslims. Taylor says, “Their [Muslims] view is one every Christian must hear!” This is the engaging story of that meeting.

Here's some of my thoughts about the stunning book:
Alone with A Jihadist: A Biblical Response To Holy War

"Alone with the Jihadist" (Foghorn Publishers) is a good book for Christian men. It brilliantly highlights the complexity of the many issues that keep the Arabs and Israelis embroiled in a bitter dispute.

It didn't take long before Taylor realized that Christian Zionists aren't telling it like it T-I-TIS. They support home demolitions and land confiscations, but consider former president Jimmy Carter as anti-Semitic, a heretic, and an enemy of Israel just because he dared to compare the situation in the West Bank and the Gaza strip to Apartheid.
Taylor's gives readers a first hand riveting account of what he's witnessed, not just hearsay. In his attempt to shed a light on a side of the Israeli conflict that doesn't get much coverage in the popular news media.

It's part of his latest mission to share with Christians and anyone that will listen, what he's seen and learned. Prompted by a quote from Edmund Burke who said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Taylor's activities since returning from his journey to the Middle East shows his plan is to say and do something about what's happening in the Middle East.
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