Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Books For Christian Men

5 Days Until " Alone with The Jihadist" Blog Tour

Pam Perry(Chocolate Pages, Blog Talk Radio) interviews Aaron D. Taylor, author of Alone with The Jihadist

This months good books for Christian men highlights "Alone with The Jihadist", a personal account that might just end up changing their views of the conflict in the Middle East.

The events surrounding the Arab & Israeli disputes are fraught with moral ambiguity.
An epic debate/meeting was set-up in an abandoned warehouse between the two men. Enter, a 28 year-old evangelist born and raised in Jefferson County Missouri, a rural county outside the suburbs of St. Louis, and Khalid an Irish convert to Islam who had grew up in a Catholic family, and sports fiery eyes, and a grey t-shirt with the words “Soldier of Allah” written on the front.

Seems far-fetched? Not for Aaron Taylor the evangelist who answered the e-mail. “Hollywood Production Company looking for a young missionary that travels the world to participate in a feature length documentary."

Be prepared to learn more about this pivotal encounter during next weeks blog tour that makes a stop at Books 4 Men.

Alone with The Jihadist, is a good book for Christian men to read that will enlighten and informs you on the plight of the people trapped in the middle of a conflict between governments.

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